Baltic environment, food and health:
from habits to awareness.

Renting the exhibition

Starting from November 2013, our food- and environment-themed exhibition "Aha, Red Herring!" will be available for renting. It is possible to rent the exhibition as a whole, or different parts of it. There will be no fee, on a condition that the exhibits will be displayed to public without any admission fee.


Click on the links below to download the general description of the exhibition (pictures included):

pdf Exhibition "Aha, Red Herring!" - descriptions (.pdf 1,3Mb)

pdf Näituse "Ahhaa, räim tomatis!" kirjeldus (.pdf 1,3Mb)


Exhibition is in Estonian, in English, in Russian and in Latvian.


Additional information and technical description:

Science Centre AHHAA

Renting the exhibition