Baltic environment, food and health:
from habits to awareness.

Presenters 10.10.2013

International seminar "Footprints of Food: from data to awareness" on 10th of October 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Arko Olesk

Moderator Arko Olesk is Head of Science and Innovation Communication Centre at Tallinn University and Science Editor at Postimees AS.


Sirpa Kurppa 

Professor in MTT Agrifood Research Finland

Sirpa Kurppa is a specialist in agroecology and environmental sustainability of food production systems, ecodesign of food products and environmental awareness of food chain stakeholders and consumers. Recently, she has initiated with her colleagues a work to build up integration between healthy nutrition and environmental responsibility.


Tuomas Mattila 

Researcher in Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Tuomas Mattila is an environmental scientist and chemical engineer researching industrial ecology and life cycle assessment. He has 19 peer reviewed papers broadly on the field of environmental science and is finalizing his PhD on applied systems analysis. On his free time, he runs a 200 hectare organic grain farm with his family.


Virpi Vorne

Research scientist in MTT Agrifood Research Finland (Biotechnology and Food Research)

Virpi Vorne is working as Research Scientist at Agrifood Research Finland MTT. The main research areas are food quality, climate change, co-existence (GMO risk assessment) and environmental impacts of food.


Ann Jõeleht

Food composition database compiler in National Institute for Health Development (NIHD)

Since 2010, she has been working at the NIHD, where she is responsible for managing the NutriData Food Composition Database. She is also currently obtaining her Master's degree in Food Technology and Product Development at Tallinn University of Technology, specializing in nutrition sciences.


Tagli Pitsi

Nutritionist in National Institute for Health Development (NIHD) and docent in Tallinn University of Technology (Department of Food Processing)

She has been working at the NIHD since 2006. At the institute she is responsible for all nutrition-related projects: campaigns, articles, media, presentations, kindergarten and school food. She also has a long-time experience in working with and developing the NutriData menu analysis programme.


Veljo Runnel

Project FOODWEB coordinator in University of Tartu

Veljo Runnel is biologist, who is currently working with pojects on environmental and nature education. Main interests are multimedia-oriented applications.


Siret Talve

Associate professor in Tallinn University of Technology and technical Consultant in University of Tartu

Siret Talve was the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) practitioner in Estonia. Since 2001 she holds Doctor of Science degree in field of environmental technology from Helsinki University of Technology. She has more than 15 years’ experience in conducting scientific assessments in the field of environment. Siret Talve has been involved in creation of inventory data on Estonian electricity, comparison environmental performances of oil shale and coal electricity and compiling environmental data for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of oil shale electricity. Her jobs in Finland included assessment of environmental performance of a lager beer. Dr. Talve was also involved in creation of LCA terminology and description of methodology in Estonian. Currently she works as Associated Professor and teaches LCA.


Triin Esko

Specialist in Science Centre AHHAA

She is master of sociology and political science and she is currently working as specialist at Estonian Rescue Service (statistics). She had been dealing with popularising science and civil society topics, but in FOODWEB project she has been responsible for palning and cordinating questionaire of consuming habbits. She was responsible for analyzing data for Awarness Study, which was her first so substantial food, health and environment project.


Aki Finér

Sustainability specialist in Raisio Group

Aki Finér is responsible for Raisio Group’s carbon footprint calculations and environmental impact assessments. Aki is the Master of Science (Tech.) from Lappeenranta University of Technology. His current task is to further develop data acquisition and implement new environmental impact assessments for Raisio Group’s raw materials and products. He is also an active steering group member in several research programs. In addition to the environmental impact assessment, Aki acts as a project manager and/or steering group member in projects concerning agro biomass utilization in energy production. Aki has also the privilege to regularly write articles to interest groups and Raisio Group’s magazines and EkologiaFI–blog.


Piet Boerefijn

Manager of Estonian Foodbank

Born in 1963 in Woerden, the Netherlands. Studied Human Geography in Utrecht University. Wrote in 1993 master thesis about Estonian economic and regional development. Since 1995, Estonian representative for Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2005, manager of Estonian-Netherlands Charity Foundation Sunflower. Established in 2010 the Estonian Foodbank and the Tallinn Foodbank. Helped to establish 9 more foodbanks all over Estonia.  


Helin Haga

Project manager in Science Centre AHHAA

She is currently employed as a Project Manager at the Science Centre AHHAA Foundation, specializing in projects in the fields of teacher training and environmental awareness. Due to her background in recreation management, dealing with issues of health achieved via exercise and healthy, yet fulfilling eating is something I have come into contact with on numerous occasions. Her daily job, however, includes the managing of a yet-to-be realized project called the "Trail of Footprints" (Jäljerada), which will focus on raising environmental awareness using the premises of and resources offered by Science Centre AHHAA. The project will focus on energy use, water consumption and waste management and will take full advantage of the physical environment and smart technologies used in the main building of Science Centre AHHAA in Tartu.


Raimonds Ernsteins

Professor in University of Latvia

Works as professor in Department of Environmental Management, Faculty of Economics and Management. He is UNESCO Chairholder in Sustainable Coastal Development.


Alex Lotman

Environment expert in Estonian Fund for Nature

Alex Lotman is biologist, conservationist and promoter of green thinking. He has been one of the founder of Estonian Green Party and also a member of Estonian Parliament


Sampsa Kiianmaa

Program coordinator in WWF Finland

Has worked for six years in WWF Finland with various topics from pulp and paper to palm oil, soy, bioenergy with an aim to shift the Finnish markets to sustainable production. A five year experience in coordinating a tropical forest conservation and sustainable production project in Borneo.

Presenters 10.10.2013 International seminar "Footprints of Food: from data to awareness" on 10th of October 2012 in Tallinn, Estonia.