Baltic environment, food and health:
from habits to awareness.

Presentations of seminars

Presentations of FOODWEB seminars.


Final seminar "Sustainable Food: Collaboration for Communication and Governance" (13.11.2013 in Riga, Latvia)


Session 1. Governance: vertical governance levels and collaboration

Session 2. Communication instruments and collaboration


Seminar for teachers "Food, health and environment - educational materials for schools" (13.09.2013 Pärnu, Eesti)


Seminar for teachers "Red Herring and its environmental impact" (29.08.2013 Tartu, Eesti)



Seminar for teachers "Food, health, environment - educational tools for schools" 09.11.2012 (Tallinn, Estonia)


International seminar "Footprints of Food: from data to awareness" (10.10.2012 Tallinn, Estonia)


Session 1 “What do we know about environmental impacts of food?”


Session 2 “What kind of public data is available?”


Session 3 “How to make sense of all that data?”


Session 4 “From data to awareness”


Seminar for teachers "Contaminants in our food" (29.03.2012 Tartu, Estonia)


Seminar to introduce Feasibility study (12.12.2011 Vantaa, Finland)

Presentations of seminars Presentations of FOODWEB seminars.