Baltic environment, food and health:
from habits to awareness.

Exhibition "Aha, Red Herring!"

Exhibition „Aha, Red Herring!“ is about the Baltic Sea, food and its impacts to the environment.

  • Did you know that Baltic Sea is the biggest inland sea in the world, and offers a completely extraordinary living environment for numerous species?
  • Human activity may have a significant effect on the sea and its inhabitants – and also on the food we eat.
  • Also, do you know how long it takes to produce food – like ketchup – and how complex this process actually is?

The aim of exhibition is to raise awareness about our everyday food choices, because every step in food production and consumption will leave a mark on the environment and on our own health.


Interactiv exhibition is divided into three parts: energy in food, food production and Baltic Sea environment. It includes eleven exhibits with information stands and three general information columns to lead in the exhibition parts.


Exhibition was open From June until October 2013 in science centre AHHAA (Tartu, Estonia). Since November 2013 it is available for renting.

Exhibition "Aha, Red Herring!"